Using NLP To Balance Work Life And Motherhood

Being a working mother can be a bit of a struggle. It’s hard to fit everything in: children, school commitments, work, family, household chores, shopping, and trips to the doctor. With more and more women returning to work soon after the birth of a child, whether through choice or economic necessity, the issue of finding a perfect work life balance is ever present.


Motherhood can turn your life upside down. Turning from a free-and-easy career-focused woman to an overtired round-the-clock carer for a helpless infant can make your life unfamiliar and knock your confidence. Not many things can push you out of your comfort zone as much as your first child.

Work Life Balance

Once you have made the transformation from working woman to the heart of a new family unit, it’s hard to imagine how you ever found the time to work. When the time comes to make the return, you may want to change things in order to find a better work life balance – one which enables you to do your job well without compromising too much on the care of your child, and in getting quality family time as a unit.

You might want to consider using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to make a difference to your mindset if you are planning on returning to work after becoming a mother.

What Is NLP?

NLP is a psychological method which uses behavioural science to investigate language and behaviour of successful individuals, which can then by applied by others. It takes subtleties in communication to teach you how to use language and behaviour to get results from yourself, and from your work team. NLP is all about setting goals for yourself and finding techniques to get you the results that you want. In the case of finding work life balance, NLP could be a powerful tool.

Returning To Work

NLP can help you find the confidence to be able to make the right decisions for your family. NLP can help you overcome the inevitable guilt about having to leave your child in day care, or about wanting to go back to work. Removing the guilt will help you to be more effective when you are at work and create a more positive work feel. NLP is good for boosting confidence.

This is especially important for new mothers as their confidence in their work abilities may have dropped since taking time out and having to deal with an unfamiliar customer – a demanding and often relentless infant. While women do not lose their work skills in the process of birthing a child, the drop in confidence could make them feel like they have. A little boost with NLP may be just enough to get them back on track.

Finding Alternatives

Having a baby and dealing with a young family could be a good opportunity to take stock of your work life. If you really want to spend more time with your child, the issue of whether you want to return to work or not becomes irrelevant. There are other options, such as self-employment, flexible working, or working from home more often. While none are easy options, they may give mothers the work life balance they seek, especially if it means work can be fit around that of the other parent.

NLP, as a confidence booster and a way of finding out more about your own skills and abilities, could open up new avenues to explore self-employment. It could also simply give you more confidence to ask your boss for better hours. NLP is all about positive thinking, and about equipping people with the mental attitude to make the right decisions, and find the energy to achieve their goals.

Author Profile

Pip Thomas is a certified NLP trainer and director at Edge NLP. She believes that opening up the mind is the key to regaining one’s confidence and sense of self-worth when contemplating a return to the workplace after taking a break to have children.

In her time, Pip has held a variety of senior corporate roles, been made redundant and set up two award-winning businesses, so she knows a thing or two about coping with change and what it takes to carve out a successful career.

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