Mass Stay Away From The Office

This Friday, 24th September, will see another mass office absence where millions of people stay away from work, but none of them will call in a ‘sickie’ and many of their bosses may even be joining them by taking work home for the day, on National Work from Home Day 2010.

Work Wise Week and Remote Employment promote smarter working practices, such as flexible, remote and mobile working, and working from home. While not all workers want to work from home, and many jobs require staff to be in a specific workplace, there are still millions of people who want flexible working patterns.

Remote Employment, a web service dedicated to flexible and home based working, believes that the traditional ‘office’ is on the way out. Century-old working cultures and traditions are breaking down and in its place comes a wave of technology driven advances in enterprise to take the UK into a home working world.

Remote Employment encourages UK businesses to climb aboard the home working wagon and benefit from home working. Director, Ken Sheridan said: “People should work on the move and use remote and home working instead of travelling to the office on National Work from Home Day.”

The recent Remote Worker Awards’ success proved that the traditional ‘office’ is on the verge of a workplace revolution. Sheridan added: “The Remote Worker Awards, in association with BT Business, celebrated the many millions of home workers and home businesses across the country. A national search found the most unusual business that demonstrates the beneficial impact working from home has on their business and work life.”

Many of these home workers enjoy a little-longer in bed and a few second commute across the hall or garden as witnessed by ITV on their home working broadcast.

Remote Employment believe offices of the future could be mini business centres near satellite offices and mobile ‘worker-gatherers’ ipading in coffee shops and hotel lounge environments.

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