iHubbub Home Working Marketing Assistant

iHubbub is a new website that was launched last week to allow the home working community to meet other start ups, home businesses and freelancers via iHubbub’ social networking tools and to grow your business with helpful resources.

We are looking for a marketing graduate student to work with us on a work experience basis trial, after which we will look to retain you on a part time freelance basis.

As iHubbub has just launched we have lots of small tasks such as making contact with new members and inviting them to network in iHubbubs home business community.

The Role Objective

The role is instrumental in the growth of the iHubbub as a leading home business network for home business owners, start ups and freelancers.

The crux of the role will be to invite home businesses and freelances to the site via social media interaction within blogs, engaging groups on large social sites and reaching out to a wider audience.

Candidates should be good with clients, keen bloggers and have a good understanding of social media environments and the top social networking sites.

See the full details here: http://ihubbub.com/gum-tree-home-working-marketing-assistant

What’s Next?

If you are willing to give us a month’s trial, please apply here: http://ihubbub.com/apply-ihubbub-position. As mentioned above, we are keen to find the right person for this role and work with graduate students over a long term. By doing work experience in the first instance we will be able to find out if you are the right person for the role.

If you would like to join iHubbub as a Silver Member and promote yourself and pitch your skills or experience to our visitors and employers, please use this code: REMarketAsstpqk2

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