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Read about Digital Unite, a web service that brings digital literacy to Britain's older people through a network of specialist home based Tutors who go to teach people in their own homes. There are lots more flexible case studies on Remote Employment is the leading recruitment website for recruiting home based jobs, flexible jobs working from home, remote jobs, virtual jobs, freelance jobs, home based business opportunities, home based franchises, freelance projects and outsourced contracts.

Digital Unite's own staff of four, all working part time, also work from home between Andover, Woking, West Ealing and North West London and a server in Northhampton!

Work from home with Digital UniteUniting the IT Nation
They started off life in 1996 and tried various offices until two years they found themselve squashed into a tiny, hot office in London with an exhausting commute, which was expensive and unreliable. They jointly decided to take the remote leap and become remote workers -all working from home.

Managing Director, Emma Solomon, who used to cycle to work, gave the first 'remote working' nudge when she had two kiddies in quick succession and then moved to the quiet Hampshire countryside.

Remote Meetings
The team at Digital Unite tested the server and other technology such as Skype and Video Conferencing and found the new 'remote work' to be a far more efficient way of working. Now they meet once every two weeks at The National Trust Piano Bar which is quiet and peaceful for meetings, as well as museum cafe bars.

Home Working Tutors
Their tutors, who specialise in working with older people and any disadvantage group that have not learnt computing in school or work or even college students who are unable to learn in mixed groups. The Tutors, who hail from all parts of the country and many different sectors of the community, all specialise in working with people who are nervous first-timers. Work from home as a Digital Unite Tutor

From Basics to Beyond
They can teach more advanced learners, too, and many can teach specialist applications. Some will advise on which kit to buy and will recommend local suppliers, as well as troubleshoot problems with equipment or connection, or will be able to recommend someone who can help. These Tutors are self-employed and licensed by Digital Unite, with a roughly even split between men and women. Most are in their 40s and 50s, although Digital Unite don't stipulate age either for tutors or learners!

Millions United
Tutors go through a rigorous recruitment and training process to be able to work with the millions , in fact the estimate is 8 to 10 million – who have never been online before. This 1/6th of the nation is a awesome figure in our modern  technology age, so it is easy to see why Digital Unite still have room in their batch of 30 tutors for at least another 100 territories. Digital Unite are now sourcing these tutors through Remote Employment.

One to One
Gill Adams from Digital Unite said: "The one to one teaching is the key. Our tutors support and help with basic computing to get their silver students confident and competent."

Gill believes that Remote working is having its day again as more companies lay off workers, there will be lots of people looking for flexible options with remote and home working as their focus, and many of them will bring their life experience to the table when taking to employers of flexible working solutions.

From this small hub of workers, Digital Unite reaches out with 682 (and rising) events each year where they organise first taster sessions for anyone wanting to dip their toe into the IT water. These are held in May at all sorts of usual and unusual locations such as libraries, bingo halls, shopping centres, museums and auction markets around the country. Work from home tutoring the elderly with Digital Unite

Silver Surfers
To show their success in uniting Digital Media to the nation they celebrate with a Silver Surfer Award each year, which is presented at Parliament in October. The winner, who has to demonstrate how they've come to technology later in life but used it to their and other's advantage, receives a laptop and vouchers!

88 Year Old Bloggers 
One of the runners up this year is 80 and writes a blog about her life. Another runner up was forced to take early redundancy due to illness and creates publicity for people with sheltered lives. A retired worker gathers the Nigerian community together with her website, and a 88 year-old Liverpudlian started learning IT at his local high school eight years ago, and now writes his own blog about his World War 2 experiences – with lots of hilarity!

The winner, to be named in October, had to take early retirement after heart problems and was introduced to technology late in life. He now runs a website called 'Hearts of Salford' with the help of the Salford University.

This small business is a shining example of the home working community working from home, working remotely and teaching others to do the same!

Find out more about Digital Unite.

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