Working from Home with Cool Essential

As the premier shopping portal, they wanted to ensure their products reach a bigger audience. Today's technology, with broadband, email, voice over internet and other great advances, is ideal for a sales force to work remotely or work from home.

Working from home with Cool Essential

Cool Search Engine
Coolessential is an Internet shopping portal with it’s own internal search engine. They provide a single platform to allow the discerning shopper to browse and purchase any number of products, from any number of retailers, and then pay for all those products in one single process.

International Technology
The partners of Cool Essential, currently working out of a small office in London with their technology based in India, were looking to expand on their partner base and originally had some difficulty in deciding to outsource their new sales team or bring them in house. The high cost of overheads and the long-term commitment to an office lease finally persuaded them to go remote.

Work from home as a Cool Essential Sales ExecutiveThe Nation's Talent
Cool Essential Directors approached Remote Employment to reach out to women with children who might be interested in working from home. They wanted to draw on the countries talent and experience to offer jobs to Mums working from home across the UK.

Awesome Shopping Experience is the newest and fastest growing shopping portal on the Internet. They provide a smooth and seamless shopping experience for the Internet shopper, through a highly technological platform, specifically designed for all types of  merchants, small and large, with products from the 'off beat' to the essential. The organisation of products and merchants has been carefully thought through, and placed into the various categories for the convenience of the shopper.

Secure and Cool
Unlike other Internet based retailers has several unique advantages over the rest of the competition. Firstly, their site has been extensively developed to take the very best features of the Internet shopping experience, and give it that added 'Cool' factor. They have a single, seamless shopping cart and payment process for the consumer, which is capable of handling multiple products from multiple suppliers, with multiple delivery requirements. They also use the very latest in secure encryption to process all transactions.

Promote Your Products
Furthermore has advertised with Heat, Grazia and FHM magazines since Nov 06, and more recently, on a regular basis, with The Mail on Sunday.  Coolessential provides the ideal opportunity to promote products and companies in the only two major spheres guaranteed to reach the consumer - the web and conventional print!Mums work from home with Cool Essential

National Pipeline
Now, the small team is being trained over a three-week period to get their pipeline set up while Cool Essential's management's monitors and assesses them over the next few months. Once the team is established they will gather for regular quarterly meetings in a suitable venue with the Cool Essential Management.

Remote Sales Force
Cool Essential's John Harris said "We were concerned about the process of employing a remote workforce, but Remote Employment helped us through this. They are helpful and their web service was very efficient so we will definitely use them in future."

Mums earn an income working from home with Cool EssentialCompare Prices
The site can be searched by categories, products and price, allowing the shopper to obtain the best deals on offer. The products display information lets you compare based on price, brand, delivery costs, and product features. It is also clear which supplier or retailer you are purchasing from, as is the the cost of postage, packing and of VAT, so you know exactly how much you'll have to spend.

Electric Basket
Once you have decided what product, you would like to buy, simply but it in the electronic basket and then proceed to the payment process. You will only need to enter your credit card details once. Your transaction details are broken down by Cool Essential, and sent to the individual retailers using the very latest in secure encryption. Even though you have only entered your card details once, the number of entries on your credit card statement will match the number of suppliers you have purchased from.

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