Work from Home and Get Childcare Right

Whether you plan to work from home, have a home based job or run a business at home, when it comes to returning to work, good childcare is a key foundation stone for any parent of young children. It is often not until you have employed the wrong person, or are struggling to make it work that you realize just how vital it is.

Successful Childcare Author
Georgina Walsh, author of the book How to Find the Childcare Your Child will Love and founder of says “Only when you have the peace of mind that your children are settled and happy with the right childcare can you really concentrate on getting to grips with your work.” 

Finding Childcare
Here are Georgina’s 6 top tips to help you find the childcare to suit you:

1. Don’t Panic, Stay Calm: Otherwise you will make a wrong, rushed and desperate decision.  Put non-urgent things aside and, if necessary, find temporary cover.  It will help you keep perspective.

2. Be Honest About What You Need: Making a nanny or au pair job sound more exciting or glamorous than it is, or initially offering a child minder longer hours than you really need, to ensure she takes on your child, will damage the relationship from the beginning. Think about what you really want and be honest about it. 

3. Think Differently: If you are working from home, a more economic alternative to an experienced (…and expensive) nanny is an au pair or a newly qualified nanny; you are close to hand to ensure things run smoothly.

4. Match it to Your Child:
Think about what skills you would like a nanny, child minder or nursery worker to have, but also think about the kind of family you are and the type of person or environment that will best suit your child.

5. Ask Specific Questions: Ensure you ask prospective childcarers questions around the qualities you need and the worries or concerns you have, for example, safety, discipline, nutrition. 

6.  Always, Always Check References for All Types of Childcare: It is frightening the number of people who don’t!

Making it Work for You
Once you have found your childcare you need to ensure it works for you:

Work in Peace
If you have in-home childcare you must be clear to your childcarer and children that you need peace in which to work. Constant interruptions will disrupt your concentration, and a squawking toddler in the background does not sound professional when on the phone! Make sure you have a work space where you can close the door and that the children are not always trying to get in. They may not like it to begin with, but as long as you and your childcarer are firm and consistent they will soon happily accept it – and often forget you are even in the house.

Watch the Work Life Balance
If you have out-of-home childcare, disruptions at home are obviously less, but do not be tempted to use the quiet time at home to attack the cupboard that needs to be sorted or have an uninterrupted chat to a friend on the phone. You will then fail to achieve your work objectives, be stressed when the children do come home and find yourself catching up with work in the evening – not a great work life balance!   

Prime Work Time
Whether using in-home or out-of-home care you should try to become more aware of how you work, for example, what time of day your ‘prime’ work time is and what makes you procrastinate. Try to increase your productivity and efficiency so that when the hand-over or pick up time comes around you can really focus on your children and enjoy your time with them.

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For further details go to or contact Georgina on 0288 77892560288 7789256 or Email Nanny Success.

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