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If you'd like to submit a guest blog post about working from home or how to present yourself for a home based job or even any advice for freelancers finding jobs, please read the guidelines below and then contact us with your post's details.

Remote Employment is a home based job board and is looking for original articles - anything to do with working from home, presenting yourself for a home based job, career advice, how to be your own boss, being effective while working at home and any other advice that is suitable for home workers.

Unique And Original Posts

We do NOT accept duplicate articles or blogs as Google will penalise for this. We check every post to verify that the piece has NOT been used anywhere else on the internet.

Please, please do NOT waste our time and yours by suggesting a piece that has already been used. It makes it harder for us to give you priority when we see another post suggestion coming from you because we know you have already submitted duplicate content!

Basic Guest Post Guidelines

Please read the basics ...

  1. Guest posts must use correct spellings and grammar.
  2. Please break up the post with good keyworded headers.
  3. First letter of the header words should be in capitals, like so: Use Capitals For Headers.
  4. No self-promotion within the guest posts and definitely no affiliate links however relevant and definitely no links to porn sites!
  5. The Remote Employment editorial team also reserve the right to make any changes to your guest post.
  6. Submitting your guest post does not mean it will be published. We will contact you if when we have posted your article.
  7. Try to keep your headlines as keyword focused as possible (we reserve the right to edit your title or headers.)
  8. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms - with a few well-known exceptions such as SEO, PPC, ROI.
  9. Do not use exclamation points. It is amazing how many posts we receive with over-active exclamations!
  10. We will not publish posts with spammy links or anchor text.
  11. Please do not include HTML links in your post. If you want to add an href link, please provide the link in brackets [] [and the link text - eg my example text from the post] in another bracket right beside it - as we have shown here. We will do the linking.
  12. Please indicate which area you feel your article is most relevant to be posted, but we do reserve the right to change this!

Bio Guidelines

  1. Guest posts will receive an author link at the bottom of your article in the 2 to 3 lines of author information.
  2. You may mention your product or website – if relevant – within an article, but we will not publish any that reeks of being an advertorial for your product or service.
  3. The bio can be up to 100 words and include a link.
  4. We are a small team, so please don't nag us about when your post will be published. Expect to hear from us within 5 to 10 days.

Please make sure you let us know if you guest blog post is about freelancing or working from home.

That's it ...

You may also want to submit a guest blog running a home business, please take a look at iHubbub as we post articles there for setting up a business from home. If you are a writer and want to swap guest blog posts to author Paula Wynne's blog. Also take a look at our gorgeous retreats and you may want to post there too ...

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