Steps For An Extreme Office Makeover

While many employees within a company have relegated themselves to generic desks with a few token personal items, there are countless ways for a home worker to make their home office creative and conducive to efficiency. For those that are ready for a complete home office makeover, here are a few key steps that will be needed to make any workspace one of a kind.

Start With Organization

All items throughout your home office should be placed into three categories. The first pile should be any important documents or items lying around that need immediate attention or that need to be displayed at all times. The second pile should be a collection of paperwork, folders, books, or anything else that is important, but can now be filed away or even saved in a storage space outside of the office. The final pile should be items that can be immediately trashed including paperwork over a year old, broken office supplies, scratched disks, and any unnecessary knick knacks.

Find a suitable storage system (in-trays, box files, draw dividers etc.) for the 'immediate attention' and 'important but not vital' documents so they stay tidy. Pick up pile three...and throw it away!

Everyone Needs A Stress-Free Zone

Nearly half of all employees now report that their job as “very stressful” or worse, and this means it is vital for workers to remove some of the stress from their workspace. working from home is the perfect way to ensure your environment is calming whilst motivating.

While clutter is a major component of stressful working, there are also a number of other factors that will increase stress and decrease efficiency. Many times, it is simple changes to lighting or temperature that are going to help reduce stress by maintaining consistent and soft lighting throughout the area and keeping the room at a comfortable temperature around 70 to 75 degrees.

Comfort Is Key

Once the home office has been re-organized and the basic components of a stress-free environment are in place, it is time to begin thinking about comfort. You're often going to be sitting at your desk for an exceptionally long period of time, and this means that this furniture is the most important in your home office.

Take the time to explore your options for desks and chairs to see what is going to be the most comfortable, convenient, and provide support throughout your home working day.

There are many companies who provide large ranges of home office furniture - do your research to find what will suit you. 

Adding Personal Flair

From here you can complement your home office with personal flair. The best way to do this is to add a touch of color to your walls, but for those that cannot carry out a complete makeover even a few small items such as a digital picture frame, some favorite heirlooms, and collector’s items are enough to make an office feel lived-in, comfortable, and personalized.

We are working longer hours in corporate and home offices, and this means it is time for everyone to take a fresh look at their workspace to see what elements of a makeover will be right for them.

Guest Author Bio

Kandace Heller is a freelance writer in Orlando, Florida. She loves researching, writing and sharing what she learns with others. Informational credit to The New Oak Tree, an Ottawa office furniture store.

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