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Remote Employment and Return2WorkMums have teamed up to offer women returning to work a new, comprehensive employment support package combining the best, up to date career advice along with the top flexible and remote working jobs.  Return 2 Work Mums

With our combined know how, experience and employer relationships you will not only find out how to make yourself a competitive job candidate in the current employment market but also build your profile, your online job search and make your job applications stand out for the right reasons. 

Return2workmums offer career coaching, networking and employment resources specifically for women thinking about or actively planning their return to work.

Getting into the return to work mindset

Women, in general, are more modest about their professional achievements and experience. After a career break their self confidence and ability to promote themselves is further undermined. To help kick start your return to work, we first need to dispel some of the very common misconceptions amongst Mums about job searching and applications.

You are automatically less attractive to prospective employers if you have had a career break and can only work part time or flexible hours. This is no longer the case as thankfully the UK employment market is changing. Recent studies and business experience has proven that flexible, part time women returners make very reliable, loyal employees with high productivity. They are, therefore, a high value, lower cost proposition for a business.

With the current economic climate cost effectiveness is an increasingly high business priority. Staff resourcing is a large business expense with companies actively looking for more cost effective,  business efficient solutions. Flexible and remote working is now emerging as a very credible and business efficient employment solution.  You will, however, have to be thorough and dedicated in your job search to find these flexible working positions. This is where jobs boards like Remote Employment are embracing and helping to drive the momentum behind the change to the new styles of work and advertise flexible and remote working style job vacancies on their jobs board.

Read more about getting your mindset ready for your return to work.

CV Tips for Mums – Should you just put career break on your CV?

Whilst the phrase “career break” is commonly used, if it is not handled properly on your CV and job applications, you run the great risk of underselling yourself to prospective employers. 

Return2workmums are not very accepting of the fact that many women returners discount or undervalue the skills and experiences they have gained whilst on their career breaks. Through our professional and unbiased guidance, many women planning their return to work find that they have had experiences and challenges that have a professional or business value to prospective employers. 

Career Transition
Have you thought about your career break in terms of a career transition? How much of a culture shock was it to move from a professional workplace into being a full time mum. Leaving behind a professional life with status, income, perks and a company of work friends/colleagues to being a full time parent is a significant life transition and for some a lonely isolating one. However, making this transition you have demonstrated an ability to handle personal change and adapt to new circumstances.

Think of some examples of how you managed the transition; where you found the change hard to bear and situations where it was easier and even enjoyable. What were your coping mechanisms and how did you make the transition successfully.

Read more about reviewing your career break for your CV and job applications.

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