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Remote Worker Awards

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Do you work from home? Or do you work remotely? If so, now is your big chance to impress your employer, your clients and work colleagues by winning this prestigious award. The shortlisted entrants and the winner will enhance their CV with a National Award by winning the Remote Worker or Home Worker Award.

And of course, by winning you will receive a collection of fabulous prizes to help you work more efficiently and enjoyably as a remote worker or home worker.

The Remote Worker Award
The Remote Worker Award is for employees working remotely, out of office, field or mobile based. 

The Home Worker Award
The Home Worker Award is for employees working predominantly from home.

The Vivid Green Award
Whether you are a Remote Worker, Home Worker or a Home Based Based Business your application is automatically entered into the Vivid Green Award. This prize alone is worth £10K!

Remote Employment is proud to bring you this collection of fabulous prizes for winners of these two categories.

Blu Bangle
One prize for each award, both valued at £500 each!
Blu Bangle is an exciting new online service offering jewellery for hire! Imagine wearing all the jewellery you Win the chance to win fantastic jewellery in the Remote Worker Awardsever dreamed of? And you don't have to pay thousands to feel like a celebrity!

Visitors borrow jewellery for special occasions while Members can access hundreds of items of stunning jewellery for work, after six, casual day wear as well as for special occasions, holding as long as they like and swapping as often as they like - a truly bottomless jewellery box!

Think Style
Two Style Consultations to the value of £300 each!
Think Remote Working - Think Style. Zoe Robinson is a London based Image Consultant whose aim is to Win an eco style consultation in the home worker awardsencourage people to think for themselves about what they are wearing and understand they don't have to compromise on style to dress ethically.

Zoe has been self-employed for the last 7 years so fully understands the challenges of working from home. Zoe works with both Men and Women in offering advice on style (how best to dress for your figureline), colour, wardrobe planning (making the most of what you have), make-up and personal shopping.

* If the winner is London based, the prize includes a wardrobe consultation in the winner's home. Alternatively, the winner has the option to have a personal shopping session. Therefore the consultation prize will be tailored to suit the winner. Any winnr out of London zones 1 - 4 will have to travel to Zoe. 

Yuuguu Plus Account Free for one Year
Yuuguu's remote meeting/collaboration software worth a total of £300!Win Yuuguu software for a year in the Remote Employer Awards
Recognising the evolution of how we work and it's fast pace of change, Yuuguu Plus is a solution to help people work together remotely, through any firewall, across different platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) and with as many colleagues as needed, just as if they were sat right next to each other.

Yuuguu Plus is the must have piece of software for all remote working groups and individuals. As a business class Instant Messenger with the power to share your screen and work on documents together in real time, Yuuguu makes it easy to meet online and stay connected with your team regardless of their location.

As a Yuuguu Plus user you can host online meetings with customers or give online presentations to prospective clients without the need for them to download any software. What's more, you can keep existing client contacts and offer support to them increasing chances of further work.  Yuuguu Plus extends your network by allowing you to link with your contacts on Yahoo, MSN, AOL, GTalk and ICQ. As a Yuuguu Plus user, you get to keep all of your MSN, Yahoo, AOL, ICQ and GTalk contacts in the same convenient list as your Yuuguu contacts.

About Yuuguu
Yuuguu (from the Japanese word for fusion) is an award winning company dedicated to developing software for the evolution of present and future working practices. We have redefined the way our customers engage with their colleagues, customers and prospective clients and proved that there is a much smarter and convenient way to work.

Toshiba NB100 Laptop
Worth £300!
The Toshiba NB100 is the perfect entry-level solution for the remote worker and home based worker. The NB100 Win a Toshiba laptop in the Remote Worker Awardsis a stylish, compact device with advanced communication and multimedia capabilities. Providing users with a resolute and portable netbook that blends highquality features with a stylish design – all from a device weighing only 999 grams. Mobility is the key feature of the new Toshiba NB100 letting you enjoy a perfect digital lifestyle whenever you are on the move.

Whether used for word processing, multimedia playback or browsing the web, Toshiba's NB100 can operate as a standalone PC, or as a more portable alternative to a desktop. The overall power-efficiency of the Toshiba NB100 allow users to enjoy longer operating times between charges ensuring this exciting new Toshiba Netbook becomes an essential part of your life.

Features: Intel® Atom™ processor N270 (1.6GHz), Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition SP3, up to 1GB of Memory, up to 120GB Hard Disk Drive storage,  8.9" Widescreen TruBrite® LED Display, WiFi, ultra light, only 999grams, long battery life of 3hours 28mins. 

Home Office Decor
To the value of £200!
A home office style consultation tailored to the needs of the winner. This could be a home styling session and  Decorate your home office with Interiormotivecolour consultation, verbal advice on how to re-design or re-style your home or home office, or a two room photo style report.

Sarah Reynolds works with many different clients providing a range of tailored design and styling services. Whether you are planning to move and need practical advice to maximize your property, making your house a more comfortable home or to decorate your home office for ultimate productivity, there are services to suit. This is not just one for the ladies. Some men may feel that their home environment is not as attractive as they are! Sarah can help by restoring a balance to not only reflect their personality but also to be appealing to a potential partner.

* Winners outside certain areas Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey are offered the option of a virtual or phone consultation via phone and email.

WorkLife Architect

Carol Newland and Sue Walsh of WorkLife Architect are delighted to offer each winner a one-hour coaching session worth £150 each!

WorkLife Architect is a Training and Coaching Experience spread over 6 months.  It specialises in helping people Win a Coaching experience in the Remote Worker Awardsachieve a work/life balance which suits them – and it does much more than that.  With the tools and support provided by this programme people feel more in control, respond more positively and adapt more flexibly to change and to new working environments.  They find that their stress levels fall and their health improves.  They are generally happier, more positive and more effective.  They often say they achieve more in less time. Within an organisation they improve their leadership skills and become more influential and inspiring leaders or they prepare themselves more effectively for new careers or retirement. 

Carol and Sue are highly skilled and experienced coaches who are both Master Practitioners of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, accredited NLP coaches and members of the International Coach Federation.  They combine their coaching skills with the tools developed for the WorkLife Architect programme to help their clients produce outstanding results.

The Vivid Green Award
Vivid Green specialise in the design of high comfort, low energy, minimal maintenance offices, studios and workshops.  Our Penthouse 8.5 design provides 8.5m2 of light, comfortable space for year round working.  Materials and components are selected for their high quality, aesthetics and minimal maintenance. By entering this special award you will have the opportunity to win a Vivid Green Garden Office!

Vivid Green's Garden Office
This exceptional prize is worth £10K!!Win a Garden Office in the Remote Worker Awards
Vivid Green's flagship product is The Penthouse Garden Office - a stimulating, modern garden room designed for work, rest and play and developed using low energy technologies according to our design principles.

Specific benefits of the design:
* High level of comfort, year round because of insulation in floor, walls and roof plus high quality double glazing
* Efficient heating from electric underfloor system which is programmable and thermostatically controlled
* Plenty of natural light from two large opening windows, glazed door (safety glass) and fixed side lights
* Two bays with window for desk or window seat with storage under (optional extra)
* Porch/shade over door

Overall dimensions:
* Internally: 3.1 x 3.1m less 'porch' to give 8.5m2 overall
* Internal height: 2050mm rising to 2100mm
* Externally: 3.3m long x 3.3m wide x 2.45m high including foundations (below 2500mm planning limit within 2 metres of boundary).

* Internally: OSB (oriented strand board) which can be painted, varnished or wall papered.  (NB: this is not a finish which will conform with Fire Regs, but these buildings do not have to comply).
* Externally: tongue and groove cedar on battens over semi-permeable membrane.
* Roof: Firestone rubber membrane with expected life of 15 years.
* Timber windows and doors factory painted in olive green; power, computer and phone sockets will be installed in surface mounted conduit/skirting together with fuse box/distribution board.
* Floor: 'nora' rubber flooring.

* Foundations assuming flat, level, load bearing surfaceWin a Vivid Green Remote Worker Worker Award
* Delivery and installation
* Internal wiring including fitting of light fittings (client supply).

* Preparation of ground to create flat, level, load bearing surface
* Running of power and computer cables from house to office
* Final connection of power and computer and phone cabling.

You can use a Vivid Green Penthouse as a summerhouse or sun room, a gym, a home cinema, a spare bedroom or playroom, a treatment or therapy space, a music studio and of course - a Garden Office! 

If you can't wait to buy one of these great Garden Rooms, Vivid Green will offer you a 10% discount on the price of the Penthouse 8.5 if the order is placed and deposit received by the end of March.

* If an entrant has bought an office from Vivid Green during the period of the Remote Worker Awards and qualified for 10% discount, Vivid Green will refund the cost of office as supplied by Vivid Green. This only applies to this prize. 
Runners Up Prizes

FreshIdeas EventsWin tickets to FreshIdeas Events in the Remote Worker Awards
Events to the value of £70!
FreshIdeas Events creates exciting and inspiring events.  They run networking events for entrepreneurs planning a business, just started or already established in business.  They also design and run Women in Business events for companies who want to attract and retain female talent

Camberwell Osteopathy
Two Osteopathy Consultations including treatment worth £80.Win an Osteapathy consultation in the Remote Worker Awards
Whether you work from home or commute to an office, you may be vulnerable to chronic strains and pains. At Camberwell osteopathy a wide range of cranial, fascial and structural osteopathic techniques are available to provide relief gently, regardless of age or physical complaint.

Andrea Rippe successfully treats a wide variety of complaints including trapped nerves, joint pain and stiffness, back pain and sciatica, headache, neck pain and sports sprains and injuries. She also treats children and babies – a must for working parents in need of a little peace!

GLOWS Career Coaching
Two one hour sessions each worth £80!
Lindsey Reed from GLOWS Career Coaching is an experienced coach who is passionate about movWin career coaching in the Remote Worker Awardsing people forward in careers that inspire them.

Her clients include private and business people and through her coaching they have achieved successful career transition; promotion and improved leadership. Lindsey is a licensed Career Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and also an ILM Trainer (Institute of Leadership and Management).

Win a ceramic notepad in the home worker awardCeramic Notepad
Two notepads worth £20 each!
Become completely eco and completely different in your home office! Think recyle and re-use and think ceramic notepad!

Yoyo Ceramics makes products that think and reflect on common or known objects. 

Designer Helen Johannessen aims to make ceramics that people want to use and keep, the only true sustainable design. New 'Ceramic Notepad' has captured people's imaginations and is affordable and contemporary. Take a look at the website and discover other work by Helen.

Total prize value £12, 000!

Remote Worker Criteria
* Must work remotely, out of office, field or mobile based. 

Home Worker Criteria
* Must predominantly work from home or be home based.

All entrants to either of these two categories should answer as many of the following questions as possible, your answers will be used to get a bigger picture of your application.

1. Demonstrate Home Working or Remote Working.
* What do you do?
* Why do you work from home or work remotely?
* What is unique and innovative about you working remotely or working from home? 
* What technology do you use which enables remote working or home working?
* What impact has working this way had on your life?
* Give examples of how remote working or home working improved or rewarded your working life?

2. Why should you win the Remote or Home Worker Award?
* Have you overcome adversity or a challenge in life to get work?
* Do you think remote working or home working is a greener way to work and why does it benefit you?
* If you are involved with any eco issues related to remote working, please feel free to give details. For example, are you doing anything to reduce your carbon footprint in your home office? Do you boast any original eco friendliness?
* Give a brief paragraph or details of why you should win this award.

3. Your Home Office
Where is your home office? Do you have a weird, wild or whacky office? Is it in a spare bedroom, study, the garage, kitchen table, the garden shed or the family caravan?
* Describe what your office looks like, how you work in it, what makes it productive (or not) and how you think it could be improved?
* What do you like most and dislike most about you your home office? And how could it be improved to give you a more productive day?

How to Enter
Whether you are a Remote Worker or Home Worker, a Home Based Business or Employer of remote workers or home workers, you should enter the Remote Worker Awards! Go on, enter now!

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