Recruiter Issues Solved by Flexible, Remote and Home Working

Remote Employment is the leading recruiting website for home based jobs, flexible jobs working from home, remote jobs, virtual jobs, freelance jobs, home based business opportunities, home based franchises, freelance projects and outsourced contracts.

Roles recruited include Accountancy and Admin Jobs, Sales and Telesales Jobs, Research Jobs and many more sector jobs that can be done by working from home or working remotely.

Why Recruit Remote or Home Workers?

A more flexible workforce, and one that is not always based in one geographic location, offers relief to overhead costs – ie. office space, energy utilisation, parking and travelling costs, lost time travelling and salary flexibility.

* Recruit the best talent, import new skill sets, retain that talent by offering job flexibility, run an imaginative and progressive staff policy.

* Only pay for the labour you use. Pay for the desired outputs you want, not for attendance. Pay only for productivity.

* Think of the employment market in 5 years time. Will it be dominated by office workers in fixed office locations or will staff and ‘place of work’ be much more flexible?

* It will be the latter because it will be demanded by the skilled professionals who do not see fixed location as an essential variable. And it will be led by fleet footed competitors who understand that technology (IT and telecoms) has never been cheaper and more supportive of remote working.

* Increasingly, all companies are going to be forced to take up their share of the green agenda. This method of working alleviates the political, environmental and social pressures that will be placed upon commercial enterprises of all sizes.

Why Remote Employment?

We are possibly the only recruitment resource 100% focused on this sector – our data base only contains professionals who want to work this way out of choice.

* We have a modern, state of the art, customer-centric job board.

* We offer flexible, high value advertising packages that improve recruiters' return on their investment

* We are large and fast growing. We are the No.1 site for remote-flexi-home based employment

Case Studies

More and more companies are realising the far reaching benefits of recruiting employees to work in home based jobs, work remotely, work from their mobile, or work from home with flexible home based jobs, freelance projects and outsourced contracts.

Read our list of remote and home working case studies which show how these forward thinking companies have made great strides in innovating flexible employment solutions. simply hover your mouse over the link called Flexible Working Case Studies, which leads off our Recruiters Page and you will see a variety of case studies emerge.

BT Workstyle
A true success story of work from home jobs, working from home UK, home based flexible jobs and remote working is BT, one of the South East's largest private sector employers. Read more about BT's Workstyle flexible working practises.

Client Testimonials

view a list of some of our clients who can prove that Remote Employment works. See our client testimonials here.

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