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Remote Employment was launched in January 2008. The website is dedicated to home based, flexible and remote working with professional positions, full time and part time vacancies. We believe we are unique for although the concept of home working has been around for some time, there hasn't been a dedicated website that specialises in providing a recruitment service for this sector.

The initial response has been very positive, and potential employers have spotted a great need in the marketplace.

Target Audience
Remote Employment serves the needs of three different user groups:

Employers can access the growing number of highly skilled Job Seekers and Freelancers who wish to work flexibly or remotely.

Job Seekers can find reputable companies that understand the advantages of working remotely, working from home or in a flexi office-home job combination. Freelancers and consultants, perhaps the most familiar audience with working flexibly, can contract business or creative projects.

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National Stats
There are currently 3.4 million people in the UK working from home and many more millions have flexible employment with an expected 20% of all employees to be working in this way by 2012.

A staggering 'one in seven' mothers work flexible hours with 12 percent of them using a 'Term Time' working arrangement. According to the Office for National Statistics there are a growing number of women-owned businesses in the UK, almost one million, with around half a million women working from home.

Breaking traditions
Century-old established, outdated working cultures and traditions need to break down.  They are wasteful of resources and time, damaging to the environment and global warming, unhealthy for worker's wellbeing, and frustrating with traffic congestion and public transport overcrowding. Research shows that the structure of the labour market is going to be reshaped dramatically over the four years, with remote working expected to almost double.

Workplace Revolution
With the traditional 'office' heading for a workplace revolution, ground breaking new expertise in technology will increase the need for cool tools to get the flexible and remote working culture through the working day. The notion of 'nine to five' might gradually subside, with staff working ad-hoc hours around their home commitments. Offices will probably disappear and instead mini business centres could spring up near satellite offices.  Increasingly people will work from home as organisations cut down their overheads on office space and use remote locations as the new-age workplace.

Recruit Talent
Adopting this modern day approach to our working lives will increase business productivity and competitiveness, reduce transport congestion and pollution, improve health by reducing stress, assist disadvantaged groups and harmonise our work and family commitments. Of course, remote working also gives employers the added advantage of recruiting talented individuals from anywhere in the country instead of just around their local office.

South East Region
The South East has the highest proportion of commuters with the average person spending the equivalent of an additional working day each week commuting. It also boasts the biggest proportion of home workers: over 600,000 people work from home (excluding London), which is nearly 15 per cent of the working population. This has increased by nearly a quarter in the last decade.

Driven Technology
Driven by technology, flexible working is probably the single greatest change that has taken place in the working environment in the past decade. Technology has shunted the trend into this millennium. Now providers are rising to the comprehensive and constantly evolving challenge of meeting the needs of flexible working practices in order for businesses to deliver suitable services to its remote employees.

Remote Employment Registration
This new online recruitment site specialising in home based and remote working with professional positions full time and part time vacancies is thriving and is a necessary tool for home based workers. The concept of home working has been around for some time, but there hasn't been a recruitment service to connect reputable companies and individuals so this unique service is a first stop on remote working shopping list. It is fast becoming popular with both employers and job seekers.

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