Making An Income By Freelancing After Retirement

For some people, retirement is a long-awaited break, and the prospect of all those long, leisurely days free from work seems like a dream. But if you're a self-confessed workaholic, or if you're simply interested in honing a new skill, you may prefer to fill your post-employment days with freelance work. So how do you choose your field, and how do you make it lucrative? Here's our guide to making an income by freelancing after retirement.

Practical Considerations First

Your formal working days are over: your retirement is meant to be a reward. You might find a field that seems lucrative, but at the cost of your happiness. Alternatively, you might love doing something that just isn't financially viable. Try to find a happy medium, and consider the practical aspects. Do you long for your days in your old office, or was there a fantasy career you always wanted to try out whilst working from home? Will you be able to cover the overhead costs? Is the work appropriate for your health and your physical capabilities? Will you need any special licenses or qualifications, and if so, how will you obtain them?

Making Money

If you weren't interested in making money off of your freelancing venture, it would simply be a hobby. So how can you increase your earnings? While it depends on what you do, there are some universal income-generating tips to follow:

Write: You can make money from a blog by showing advertisements on your page, while you can make money from an e-Book by getting paid every time someone purchases it for download. Your blog or e-Book can be about virtually any topic you like, because the internet is like one giant reference library the world uses to consult.

Teach: Create a webinar. A “webinar” (web + seminar) is an online course. It can be as simple as a lecture, though successful webinars often incorporate images, animations, video streams, and/or audio files. Each time someone enrolls in your webinar, you make money.

Promote. Never stop promoting yourself. On the internet, any given topic search returns millions of results, and you can bet that means a lot of competition to be noticed. If you want to make money online, you need to fight your way through the current by maintaining an active social media presence, reaching out to potential affiliates, and building professional relationships with other freelancers who can link to your site or refer people your way.

Personal Injury

It may be the case that you did not voluntarily leave your job as a result of reaching retirement age, but because you suffered from a personal injury. Every year, millions of people worldwide are injured either in or out of the workplace in ways that prevents them from continuing the work they were performing before the injury occurred. If you are coping with personal injury and didn't terminate your employment voluntarily, you may be particularly prone to “cabin fever.” The good news is, whatever the nature of your injuries, there are numerous freelance fields that don't require exerting physical activity (e.g. writing). You may even use your experience coping with illness or injury as the basis for your blog, webinar, or other freelance activity.

Not only will others benefit from your shared knowledge, you may find it therapeutic to work through such a drastic change to your lifestyle by discussing the experience.

Guest Writer Bio

Shannon Carpino is a writer for a Philadelphia disability attorney. In her free time, she enjoys playing outside with her French Bulldog, Ozzi. 

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