Impressing Your Clients When You Work From Home

There are some great advantages to working from home. Not only is there a huge reduction in travel time and expense, there’s also a cosier working environment, a fridge full of tempting snacks, and the joy of not having to listen to that certain colleague’s incessant ramblings.

If you’re self-employed, it saves a lot of money on having to rent an office too.The issue of presenting a respectable image to clients and customers is probably the biggest drawback of using your home as your professional space. While you can use your accountant’s or solicitor’s office as your official address for business purposes, you can’t necessarily use their offices for client meetings. 

Ensure Your Home Office Is Presentable To Work From Home

When using your home for meeting clients, you should always consider tidiness. Not only should your office and meeting space be clean, tidy and welcoming, but you need to check your front garden, entrance halls, and connecting rooms too. Your toilet should be spotless at all times in case your client needs to use it while they are visiting. 

Other Things To Consider When You Offer Home Working Services

If you provide a service such as beauty therapy, you may need to set up a waiting area. This could be your lounge, or in a spacious hall. You should consider providing some magazines for your clients, and also some refreshments. You may also need to re-locate expensive items such as IT devices and family heirlooms, particularly if the waiting area will be unsupervised for any period. Talk to your home insurance company if you’re unsure about this.

Use Outside Space To Work At Home

Sooner or later, you may tire of having to keep your home tidy for calling clients. It is a good idea to investigate other options, such as an office or studio in a garden room. A separate garden room can be closed off when not in use, and means that clients don’t have to come through your house to visit you.

Just make sure the path between the front of your house and your garden office is clear of trip hazards and other mess. Garden rooms can be used as offices, treatment space and meeting rooms, and you won’t have to worry about your family’s mess encroaching on your workspace. 

Dress To Impress Even If You're Working At Home

On a more personal level, it’s easy to fall in to the trap of more casual, comfortable clothing when you’re away from an office environment. While it’s perfectly acceptable to work in your pyjamas if you’re not seeing any clients, on the days that you are you should pay as much attention to your appearance as you would if working in a regular office. 

Get Out Of The House

Another great way of impressing your clients when you work from home is by meeting somewhere else. Having your meetings at a nice quiet pub or a coffee shop not only means that you don’t have to worry about the appearance of your home, but also that you get to go out into the world and see other people.

So don’t worry – more and more business people are getting used to home-working and it’s not an unusual occurrence for them to meet clients and suppliers in their homes. Just keep it as professional as you can considering your home life, and enjoy the pyjama and slipper days when you're on your own. 

Guest Writer Bio

This article was written by Steve Warr. Steve is director of Green Studios, a family-run business which supplies eco-friendly garden buildings. Garden buildings are becoming an increasingly popular choice among the many people like Steve who now work from home as they afford a dedicated home office space where clients can be received without intruding on the privacy of the family home.

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