Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in Your Office

Learn how to save energy and money in your office. Awareness can reduce your companies carbon footprint and save costs. Here's a list of ideas on how to reduce your energy output in your office:

1: Insulate loft and walls – 50% of heat is lost this way in the average office.
2: The amount of heat loss through windows can be cut by half by installing double glazing – an investment that may take longer to return, but boasts the priceless perk of quieter working.
3: Treat your hot water tank to a three-inch thick jacket, costing only a few pounds, to save around £20 a year, the EST advised.
4: Replace ordinary light bulbs for energy saving ones. The Trust estimates that if every office used just one eco-friendly bulb, the UK would save £66million every 12 months.
5: When shopping for electric appliances, keep an eye out for the 'energy saving recommended' logo.
6: Don't run a 4 x 4 down to your local supermarket at lunch, walk or liftshare instead.
7: Don't boil half a kettle of water for a single cup of tea, share.
8:Switch off computers and monitors at night. Have an unwritten rule that it is ok to switch off someone else's computer if they have forgotten.
9: Turn off printers at night - these still use quite a lot of power even in standby mode.
10: Double sided printing - have at least one double sided printer which means you can halve the amount of paper used for printing accounts and other lengthy documents. As older printers need replacing, replace with duplex machines.
11: Encourage staff to choose lower emission or CO2 cars. 

And according to the Home Business Alliance, a half-hearted approach to reducing harmful emissions is not going to save the environment, nor will it generate significant, long-term savings. You can sign by filling in details at or call your local Energy Efficiency Advice Centre on 0800 512 012.

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