How to make money working from home

More than three million people already work from home and this figure is expected to rise sharply in the coming years. Employers are encouraging staff to work more from home in order to cut costs, and home is now the most popular place to start a new business.

Down-to-earth guide

Work from Home is a practical, down-to-earth guide to getting the best from working from hoWork from homeme, published by How To Books. It fills the gap for a book that looks at home working as a subject in its own right, and tackles the undoubted emotional and psychological demands of home working, which are not usually covered in articles in print and on the internet.

20 years home working experience

Author Judy Heminsley has worked from home for over 20 years. She started, grew and sold on a cleaning business from her back bedroom in Bath, helped her partner to run his training and coaching practice, and has been employed as a home-based business adviser to small businesses.

She runs the website which provides information for home workers including a free downloadable report The 6 Secrets of Overcoming Isolation When Working from Home. She helps homeworkers one-to-one over the phone with productivity and motivation, and runs talks and workshops on the benefits of home working.

Home workers are hard on themselves

Judy noticed from her own experience and that of the many home businesses she dealt with as a business adviser that home workers tend to be very hard on themselves. ‘We assume that any difficulties we face are personal failings, that we lack discipline, are easily distracted and prone to procrastination,’ she says. ‘But working in the same place as you live creates its own challenges, and I wanted to make home workers aware of this and offer some solutions.’

Case studies from successful home workers

As well as drawing on her own experiences, Judy spoke to more than 50 home workers all over the country, in both rural and city locations, in all kinds of industries, from sales to B&B, from bookkeepers to craftsmen, and asked about the challenges they had faced.
Judy works from home

Deal with the challenges of home working

Work from Home will help you to:

  • * adapt home working to suit your own personality
  • * create a productive routine and stick to it
  • * deal with procrastination
  • * make sure you don’t become isolated
  • * balance home and work commitments, such as having children or teenagers around when you are working
  • * maintain a professional image even when you work from the kitchen table
  • * cope calmly and effectively with crises

A readable guide for busy people

Work from Home is a readable guide and reference for anyone already working from home or thinking of doing so, either as an employee or self-employed. Judy is well aware that home workers are busy people, so the book is designed for you to dip in and out of as you need. There is a summary of the main points at the start of each chapter and a list of resources at the end so you can find more help without delay.

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