How to be a Freelance Writer  

Guest writer, Cina Coren shares her ideas of how to be a freelance writer.
Of all the different types of art, writing is one of the most versatile. There’s a sense of freedom when imagination runs wild and words turn into sentences for all to see. But writing doesn’t bring in the big bucks exactly when they are needed so sometimes the art has to be left on the back burner until later in life when it is possible to retrieve it and re-install it as an essential part of one’s being. Often it is necessary to work in various other jobs before the luxury of writing just for the pleasure of the act can come in to play.

As any lover of the arts will admit, devoting most of one’s day to creative endeavors is not always a simple task. Anyone who has ever painted a scenic picture knows what it takes to get the right light effect on that twilight scene or the best texture on the leaves dangling from that maple tree. Does that model’s cheek need an extra dab of blush? Are a few extra strokes needed to bring out the glow in the sky on a starry night?

Every artist, whether commissioned or freelance knows what is required in order to reach a sense of satisfaction from a completed project. This holds true for creative writers as well. The amount of time and effort devoted to the task can leave a person drained of time and vitality. While it is true that not all creative people are perfectionists, the majority do take their work very seriously and will not be satisfied until it meets the highest of standards.

Gone are the days of hearing the tinkles of the typewriter keys. A typewriter is a mechanical or electromechanical machine for writing in characters similar to those produced by printer's type by means of keyboard-operated types striking a ribbon to transfer ink or carbon impressions onto the paper while composing each paragraph. Changing ribbons are a thing of the past and even paper has become somewhat obsolete.

Churning out creative writing today is mainly a function of putting the brain cells to work. Where are those thoughts lurking that will eventually find themselves in sentence sequences across the LED screen? How can one extract just the right terms from the thousands available and link them together so they convey exactly what it is they are supposed to say?

Writing is more than just a propensity to put words together and freelance writing calls for a corroboration of many factors including communication skills, language, recall and cognitive abilities. It is interesting to see how different compositions are when penned in the early morning hours with a clear and uncluttered head or in the evening when all the brain cells clamor to call it a day.

Freelance writers who are their own boss can take advantage of the tremendous opportunities that are available. They can decide just how much they want to take on and which topics suit their fancy. They can turn away those offers that they deem unsuitable and divide up their time writing what pleases them the most.

Like all freelance jobs, however, the uncertainty of a steady income is always a worry and marketing an image can take up a lot of time. One good way to spread the word (sic) is for writers to offer their articles for free to various publications.

Eventually, readers will recognize their name and when they are looking to hire someone, they will seek them out. But the best way to maintain a continuous flow of business is through referrals. A job that has had good results and has been completed in the time allotted will circulate widely and additional clients will find them with no trouble at all. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing for any writer is to be able to draw the reader into the world that has been created and to surround them with words that fill their senses. A good freelancer can present a story in a way that will leave the reader yearning for more.

Cina Coren is the Communications Manager at, a Forex tutorial offered free online to traders interested in learning about Forex trading

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