How to Earn Money While Unemployed

Here are 10 easy ways to earn quick cash while you are unemployed that just about anyone can do and still find the time to look for a full time job working from home.

1. Sell your stuff - eBay allows you to sell almost everything from DVDs, CDs, clothes to furniture. If you have good quality stuff you could make some quick cash although eBay do take a small cut of the profits. Or one of the easiest ways to get a quick amount of cash is to sell things you no longer need in a car boot sale.

2. Think about temping - Temporary agencies fill temporary vacancies left by vacations, maternity leaves, sick days, long-term projects, a lengthy hiring process, or other reasons. Temp jobs usually require no interview, and many times are same-day assignments. Temp jobs usually pay weekly, making them quick money. Sometimes these temporary jobs last for months or longer, so not only would you make money, but you can potentially find a new job this way. Good temp agencies to try are, and

3. Start your own consultancy business - A lot of companies during the recession need consultants, especially if they have been making redundancies. As a consultant, you can charge more money per hour so you could potentially make more money while you’re unemployed. Just make sure you have some sort of w-4 calculator or accounting software to keep track of incoming and outgoing income. Contact local businesses that may need your services and you can also advertise your services through the internet or word of mouth.

4. Sign up for focus groups and market research - There are also companies that will pay for your opinion on a particular product. If you get selected for one of these surveys, you can earn about £150 for a few hours work. It’s not the most reliable way to generate income but you might make a bit of money. Try

6. Tutor students or teach English as a Second Language - Check with local schools and colleges to see if they need teachers for English as a Second Language classes. Not all schools require a language-specific degree. Think about tutoring students or giving music, language or art lessons. Many parents work long hours and may be looking for people to help their kids after school to help with their homework.

Think about tutoring students or giving music, language or art lessons. You can teach music and have a good amount of income from it.

7. Get published - You can have your articles published on websites such as and They allow you to write on a number of different topics and get paid a small amount based on the number of page views that the article has.

8. Promote your website or blog - Choose one topic you are interested in and stick to it. Then, promote your website or blog. Tell your friends, colleagues and friends through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and if you get enough hits, many websites will pay you to have their ads on your site.

9. Rent out a room - Renting out a room can put more cash in your pocket. Cheap housing is in high demand particularly with students. Make sure you draw up an agreement specifying rent, terms and length of stay even if you are renting to someone you know.

10. House Sit - If people are out of the country for long periods of time and own a home, they may need a ‘house sitter’ to water plants, feed and walk pets, collect post or clean. They would prefer to have someone they know and trust so you could put the word out that you are looking.

Guest article by Nikki Ruth, cv writer and founder of
My Cv and Me. Nikki offers cv writing and interview coaching services.

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