How To Get Results On A Work From Home Job Search

Have you recently applied for a job working from home, a flexible work from home position or a home based job that would suit your family commitments and not been successful? If you’re not getting results on your work from home job hunt, not read on!

Remote Employment highlights some reasons that you may have no control over, such as they stopped looking after receiving 500 applications and yours was 501. But if you’re consistently applying to jobs and not hearing back on any of them, the problem may be on your end. Consider the following:

1) Make sure you have the skills and experience required for the job. If the employer wants someone who types 80 words per minute, then you need to meet that requirement. Don’t fake it because many jobs will have a test or an interview and you’ll eventually be found out if you don’t meet the job requirements.

2) Verify that your CV presents you as a professional and capable employee. Check for grammar and spelling! You will not believe how many people do not do the basic and fundamental part of creating a CV - the good ol' spell check. Also, use active words and tailor your CV to fit the specific job.

3) Follow the directions for applying to the job. One of the biggest complaints from employers is that applicants don’t follow the directions. Provide the employer with everything they ask for. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

4) Check your online reputation. Employers do use the Internet to learn about you. Social networking can be fun, but having a picture of you eating an olive from someone’s belly button during spring break may lead employers to pass on your application. Do a vanity search on your name to see what’s online about you. Work to get rid of any embarrassing or questionable material. See our article on using Google as a weapon to improve your home business brand.

5) Follow up with an email or a phone call to inquire about your application. Sometimes resumes get lost in cyber space, so it doesn’t hurt to follow up. However, don’t call if the job announcement specifically says not to. Also, give the employer time. If you haven’t heard within two weeks of the application deadline or sending in your resume, follow up. Be sure your tone is polite and professional.

6) Consider getting training in job areas in which there are many jobs available such as computer and web programming, writing or transcription. You can get training online through many community colleges. See our section on Skills and Training for Working from Home.

7) Keep applying. The opportunities are out there and expanding all the time, but they are competitive. And it can take several months to several years to get a job working from home, a work at home job for mums or any home based working opportunities. The only way you’ll succeed is to keep searching and applying.

The economy is tanking and jobs are a premium. When it comes to work-at-home jobs, you’re competing with hundreds maybe even thousands of other applicants. The best way to achieve a successful work-at-home job hunt is to have the skills, a professional resume, and tenacity.

About the author of this article
Leslie Truex is a work-at-home expert and author, her book, the work-at-home success bible will be published in december 2008.

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