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Check out Remote Employment's 10 ways to prepare for your next interview. Go armed with our Q & A checklist and get that home based job!

Questions about the Company:

1. What do you know about our company?
Research, research, research! Check the company website for details about their products and services, their size in the marketplace, their reputation, their competitors their corporate image, their goals, any problems they may have, their management style, who works for them, what skills they have and a general history and vision of the company. This is vital to show your interest in them and the possible job they could offer you. Keep it factual and to the point so that they can tell you how they define their own business. Don’t go without this information. And don’t go without even having looked at their website and know what they do!
2. Why do you want to work for us?
Talk about the company and their requirements in the workplace. Tell them how you want to be involved in an innovative and creative company. You will find it exciting to be working with a forward thinking employer and you want to make a contribution to their company goals.
3. What would you do for us that someone else cannot do?
Use your experience and success to show how your experience suits the position and the company as a whole. Talk about your ideas and positive outlook and how this will provide solutions for the company.

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Questions about the Role:

5. What do you find the most attractive about this position? And least attractive?
Most attractive: Have a list a couple of attractive factors up your sleeve, such as the responsibility the post offers. You might also want to mention how exciting it would be to work with their experienced team of creative staff.
Least attractive: Be careful of giving an arm length’s list of cons. Instead, go for the option of suggesting that you would need more information and time before making a judgment on the job.
6. What do you look for in a job?
Be bold about your career aspirations. Use this as an opportunity to show how confident you are in your skills. Tell them you want to be productive and perform well within their company and to one day be recognised for it.

Questions about You:

7. Tell me about yourself.
Keep your answer to short and don’t go over points already discussed. Keep your Personal Statement handy and use it as a start, giving brief and highlighted points on your CV skills and personality. Weave the two together to form a chatty conversation, rather than an stilted list of your attributes.
8. Why should I hire you?
Here is your chance to show off your knowledge, experience and skills. Don’t be shy; instead let your personality shine through with a confident answer in your ability to do this job.
9. How long will you stay with us?
Let the employer know that you want to contribute, achieve and grow with the company and at the same time, it would be great to have the company invest in you and your future.
10. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want this job?
Beware the ‘scaley’ question. Don’t be too quick to leap in with your answer. Take time to consider this or at least look like you are. A potential employer might not believe that their job is your perfect job, but they do want to know you really want it and therefore you should consider a high scale answer. Think for a moment and then deliver your answer with impact!

Good luck! 

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