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Be Genuinely Client Focused:

  1. Consider all aspects of the project from the client's point of view, particularly the frequency, content and style of your work in progress communication.
  2. Communicate frequently by a variety of methods particularly on issues you know to be important to the client (eg. budgetary control, timetable, critical content, agreed action points). If appropriate consider an update via webcam.
  3. Where relevant be sensitive to the client's security concerns and suggest ways of allaying these fears (eg. encrypting files, signing a Non Disclosure Agreement, returning appropriate materials along with any copies with a signed undertaking that you are not holding any items belonging to the client).
  4. Unless you are asked otherwise, involve the client in the evolution of the solution, it's more likely to get the end result (and the final invoice!) accepted.
  5. Always keep in mind the target of getting a referral or a re-engagement offer from the client at the end of the project. It will keep you 'client centric' during the project itself!

Build for Success:

  1. Write a business plan to establish your preferred way forward and business targets.
  2. Get references from previous employers and, of course, all clients. They will be useful when publishing proof of the effectiveness of your service.
  3. Draw up a marketing plan with ideas on how you will market yourself (be sure to include a subscription with Remote Employment to showcase your skills in front of potential clients).
  4. If necessary, search our Freelancer directory for a designer to help you with your overall corporate image, business cards , letterheads etc.
  5. Consider the merits of a sound set of Terms & Conditions relating to the deliverables of the project, it can save any conflict at a later stage.
  6. Set up an office in a suitably discrete area of your home or a remote location. Be sure to have the essentials such as a phone, laptop and wifi access. Make sure it's quiet, particularly if you will be talking to clients frequently.

Finding New Clients:

  1. Carefully define your target audience and use this to prepare a database of potential clients. Use your targeted data base to call companies that you feel will be suitable for your experience or who have problems you can solve. Send out personalised mail shots or letters but always follow them up with a phone call.
  2. Track your workload and projects in an excel spreadsheet or project planner until you are ready to try more sophisticated CRM software. Remember, it may take several contacts with any one lead before you get the go ahead so carefully track the status of each lead. Use Outlook to colour co-ordinate meetings, notes and tasks with each colour set aside for an individual client. Be seen to be organised and efficient!
  3. You can arrange meetings at local hotels and coffee shops so you don't have to meet clients at your home base. Gain confidence by practising a speech or pitch out loud if you have to!
  4. Allocate enough time to finding new business. The time to find new business is when you are busy with current clients not when you have nothing else to do. Try breakfast or evening network meetings – these can do wonders for new starters and will not interfere with your working day.

Remember to keep your profile and portfolio details up to date and try one of our advertising packages!

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