Freelance Time Management

Simple time tracking software for people who need to time their work

Working at home has many advantages - fitting in with family life, avoiding traffic chaos and saving travel expenses, working flexible hours, being your own boss etc.  However, all this freedom has a few disadvantages - distractions, interruptions and the need for great self-discipline with time keeping.

Simple Time Log
Fortunately, there is an answer to these problems with simple time logging software from Four Four Time Limited.   Addressing the difficulties of recording time accurately, the project timer does away with pieces of paper, diary notes and tedious time sheets.  The unique selling point of this software is "Simplicity".  With just a click on the "Start" button the timer will automatically track your time until you click "Stop".

Reports can be produced showing work by Project (Client) or by activity on all projects in the day, or other chosen period.

Manage your time when working at home

How does it do all this?
The timer window is programmed to open automatically when you switch your computer on (to remind you to use it). 

It is small, and can sit in the corner of your screen, or minimised to the Task Bar while working, for quick accessibility.

With one click you can log time for:
* Hourly charging      
* Validating accounts to customers (attach a time report to your invoice)
* Costing projects (for fixed price charging)
* Future planning (comparing past similar projects)
* Personal time management

Produce reports

* By daily activity
* By all activity over a given period
* By individual project

The USP is SIMPLICITY and every function is easy
* Stand alone software which will work alongside any other application
* Easy to learn
* Simple to use
* Has additional functions       
* Switch easily between projects (e.g. when interrupted by phone)      
* Add a note to each session worked     
* Reminder alarm - with note section (e.g. 3pm - Phone Fred)

The Benefits 
* Accurate time recording
* No missed chargeable time
* No more tedious time sheets, scraps of paper or diary notes
* No complaining clients 
* Easy project planning
* Know where you time has gone
* If you are employed but working flexible hours at home, employers can be reassured of diligent working hours with a report by Four Four Time.  (In "New Business Magazine" in February 2009 it was mentioned that while almost half of employees felt they would work better at home, only 8% of employers trusted their employees to do so.)

Additional Benefits for Employers
* Four Four Time has a Multi User Version for networks where the administrator can amalgamate work by several people on one project
* Monitor staff deployment
* Plan future project costing (comparing similar projects
* If necessary data can be exported for further use (e.g. Excel, Accounting etc.)
* With all the benefits of the single user version.

More Information
Visit the website for full features, benefits, online demonstration, case study, prices, testimonials, and to download a free evaluation copy of the software. 

Email: Send Four Four Time an email: Work from home as an authorised Distributor of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club 

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