Find Home Based Business Success on Twitter

Working from home or having your own home based business can be a very exciting time, yet some are daunted by the social media taking over cyberspace! First they told you to email, then the experts said blog, next came text and before long it was chat.

Home business success with Twitter

And now, they're telling us to twitter!

No, it's not for the birds, Twitteroffers a real-time service for "friends, family, and colleagues" to communicate what they're doing between emails and phone calls. Great. Or maybe not for some, but who does this effect a home based business?

Nest of Working from Home Tools
The experts say there is definitely a place for Twitter in home based business networking and could possibly be the easiest tool to get messages to those you wish to reach, fast and with economy of words! Essentially, it also delivers your home business updates across a variety of different media - either through its website, over instant messaging or by SMS to your mobile phone – good news then for Blackberry and iPhone owners.

So to help you get up and "twittering", the experts suggest on using Twitter in the following ways. We are also all a-flutter as we also learn about Twittering.

Tweet Tweet
In its purest form, Twitter is branded online exposure for your own “home business” presence. So imagine instant messaging to a universe of professionals you may or may not know, developing relationships, exchanging information, uncovering opportunities and ultimately getting hired - all from posting and receiving concise 140 character messages (known as "tweets").

Top of the Tree
With more and more home based business owners using social media to attract customers and home workers, Build your home business with Twitterweb 2.0 savvy clients and candidates are increasingly using sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to build profiles and highlight themselves as thought leaders worth knowing about. The experts tell us that by using these vital social media tools, a home based business can easily reach the top of thier game. It makes perfect sense to use social media sites to search for and connect with businesses, potential employers or future employees.

Top tips for Building Your Twitter Nest:

   1. Firstly, start a Twitter profile by visiting and signing up. If you want to communicate with just a few friends, clients or colleagues, keep your stream private by checking the "protect my updates" box under Settings.
   2. You can subscribe to other peoples "tweets" (or Blogs), so find and follow people you know, and then follow some of the people they follow, who could be likely contacts that might end up doing business with you. Scan their comments and respond to what interests you and you can build unexpected relationships.
   3. Follow experts of interest to you and comment on their tweets where appropriate, even if they are high-profile leaders you don't know personally.
   4. Answer "twitterers" questions in a way that shows your home business expertise.
   5. Subscribe to keywords if you want to monitor discussions of certain topics among users who aren't already your “friends” for example, use your website's keywords.
   6. Whenever you can, have your "tweets" reflect your home business brand. Your target market will know you better and follow you more avidly.
   7. When writing "tweets", share bread crumbs from seminars and other events you’ve attended, broadcast meetings and meeting places, publish your musings and opinions on the latest home business campaigns and comment on your home based business industry news articles.

Overall, you can decide for yourself if it is useful for your home business, but as Twitter becomes more mainstream, you’ll need it in your home business toolbox, along with Facebook, LinkedIn and other social and business networking sites. 

Final Quick Tips
* Filling in your profile information will help people find you on Twitter. For example, you'll be more likely to turn up in a Twitter search if you've added your location or your real name.
* Change your Twitter user name anytime without affecting your existing updates, @replies, direct messages, or other data. After changing it, make sure to let your followers know so you'll continue receiving all of your messages with your new user name.
* Protect your profile to keep your Twitter updates private. Approve who can follow you and keep your updates out of search results.
* A real picture of yourself is encouraged. It adds 'personableness' to your tweets.

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