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Ken Sheridan and Paula Wynne launched www.remoteemployment.com in 2008 after finding a gap in the recruitment market for flexible home workers. They came up with the idea for the business after Paula (a freelancer and mum looking for flexible work from home) was looking for a site that offered outsourcing opportunities and Ken (a corporate employer) was looking for a site to source home workers or freelancers. Remote Employment is the result of their shared vision and answers the squeeze's flexible working policies.

The online recruitment connection service, Remote Employment, (www.remoteemployment.com) is for everyone who wants a flexible work option. We feature flexible and part time jobs, remote work, mobile positions, jobs working from home, home business opportunities, home based franchises, contracts, freelance work and outsourced projects. There are no agency fees as they use the website to match freelancers and home workers to employers.

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Ken and Paula enjoy the benefits of a home based job.

Remote Working
Adopting a modern day approach to our working lives will increase business productivity and competitiveness, reduce transport congestion and pollution, improve health by reducing stress, assist disadvantaged groups and harmonise our work and family commitments. Of course, remote workin or home working also gives employers the added advantage of recruiting talented individuals from anywhere in the country instead of just around their local office.

Home Working
Last year an Oxford University report revealed that working from home can help reduce the emission of the gases that cause global warming. The study, which pulled together research from around the world, demonstrated conclusively, that the reduction in commuting time resulting from people working at home will mean less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere - one of the gases that causes global warming.


  1. Research shows that the structure of the labour market is going to be reshaped dramatically over the four years. There are already around 3.4 million people working from home in the UK and this is expected to almost double its size to the point where over 20% of the labour force (c.6.5m employees) will work in this way by 2012*.  
  2. More than 8 million people will earn some form of income from home and 2.8 million registered businesses will generate median annual turnover of £51,000 - £100,000**.
  3. By staying off the roads at peak congestion times, homeworkers  will reduce CO2 emissions by at least 18 million kg.** *
  4. The South East has the highest proportion of commuters with the average person spending the equivalent of an additional working day each week commuting. It also boasts the biggest proportion of home workers: over 600,000 people work from home (excluding London), which is nearly 15 per cent of the working population. This has increased by nearly a quarter in the last decade****.


  1. * The Work Wise Organisation, World Advertising Research Centre
  2. **Invisible Businesses: the characteristics of home-based businesses in the United Kingdom' by Colin Mason, Sara Carter and Stephen Tagg, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. July 2008
  3. ***Professor Peter James, 'Homeworking and Carbon Reduction – the evidence' published in 'Can homeworking save the planet' edited by Tim Dwelly and Andy Lake. Published by The Smith Institute, November 2008.
  4. ****  SEEDA Women's Enterprise.


"Home based businesses may not know it but they are at the forefront of the new low carbon economy. When the recession starts to subside, doing business as usual just won't be an option for those who get this."
Tim Dwelly, Director, Live Work Network

"There will be a significant growth in the numbers of home based businesses in 2009. The key drivers of this trend, such as cheap and powerful IT, the ease of engaging in e-commerce, demographics and the growth of project-based employment will continue and, if anything, get stronger. But in addition, the economic crisis will drive additional growth, both through home based business start-ups by people who have lost their jobs and also through existing small businesses moving into the home as a means of reducing costs."
 Professor Colin Mason, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde

BT evangelises flexible working as a vital part of remaining competitive in this rapidly-changing internet age. He believes it is one of the key tools to reduce cost structure and offers a vibrant, compelling approach to employment opportunities.

"As a leader of flexible working in the UK, BT is seeing huge benefits both for the company and its people. It has been absolutely beneficial to increasing productivity and reduced our need for office space, resulting in annual savings of £88 million on overheads, reducing our need for office space. For example we had 23 offices in London and now have only five. We have 70, 000 flexible workers of which 11.5% are home based.
"We would certainly encourage employers across the UK to take full advantage of the great opportunities offered by smarter working. With the cost of transport continuing to rise there couldn't be a better time for people and organisations to ask themselves whether they could work more flexibly."
Mike Galvin, South East Regional Director for BT

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