Do Graduate Students Need a Diploma to Start Their Own Business?

A college diploma is likely to be the first prerequisite for many significant opportunities in one’s adult life. Specialized fields, obviously, have more preference for a degree. However, regardless of the diploma, there are several paths whereby it is possible to prove expertise and achieve professional comfort.

Every employment is a challenge - even if a position is just based on hard physical demands, spending dull hours, or other less enjoyable components often associated with tasks that do not need official training. Nevertheless, while individuals applying for a job or creating their own business without a diploma, there are some doubts that may arise.

According to college experts at SolidEssays while a degree may not offer all the appropriate coaching for a particular job, the fact is that such a candidate might have made a series of unfortunate decisions, or exhibited other personal characteristics that have prevented him from getting the diploma. This can and probably will be interpreted as a warning sign to employers.

Possible Consequences Of Business Set Up

One should be wondering whether after being unsuccessful or not having committed enough to getting a diploma would now be able to succeed in managing his own business. People who for some reason do not have a diploma may be courageous enough to accept failing while the ones with the diploma might fear embracing failure.

Nevertheless, getting a good job and a good salary may be a distant reality for those without the diploma. Thereby, one of the few options might be to excel in your own initiative. After the decision to create their own writing business, for instance, non-graduates run out of choice. It becomes a question of survival; either do or die. Such a decision or situation may increase the motivation and need for success, not often found in workers conformed to a monthly salary and a stable position.

Successful Start Up Graduate Examples

Examples such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg (all with the absence of a university degree) prove that despite graduation people have value and innovativeness. Corporations in general are increasingly valorizing the perception of a college education with no credit for any other experience or perception acquired through years in the workforce. Notwithstanding, the concept in which people who do not have a diploma should not be considered employable is unreal.

Unraveling The Graduate Reality

College is a business just like any other business. Graduating in any specific area might be an easy path to climb the socioeconomic ladder, but it does not guarantee higher income or happiness. 

College is still seen as a valid option. However, apparently, it is not what it used to be. Backtracking four or five decades, one can realize that the majority of students did not complete their college degree; therefore, jobs were readily available to those who did!  However, for some years now the reality has changed.  A college degree is no longer an end unto itself.

Currently, all options should be considered. More than defining paths, people should be capable to adapt. Additionally, all of us should act on what inspires us. Sometimes unknown, there is a power greater than resistance, which will only emerge when challenged.

Author Bio: Jeffrey is a Ph.D. student working as a freelance writer for various academic journals. One of his recent contributions is an article on how to write a TOK essay.

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