Best Tools to Access Your Android Remotely

In the present era of smartphones, companies have endeavored to create new features that unite need with feasibility in order to best serve their customers. Among these various features are the remote access apps. Remote access software installed on your Android phone will grant you access to your files stored in your PC through your mobile device via the internet or another network.

This is extremely useful when one has to retrieve data from a computer and share it with others. In an age where people are frequently outside the home and cannot depend on desktops alone to store information that they may need to access at any time, remote apps are truly a blessing.

how to use your android remotely

Splashtop Remote Desktop

This popular application allows you to control your Windows or Mac computer from a mobile device, either via local WiFi or over the Internet. It was awarded the ‘Best Mobile App’ for the ‘Best of CES 2011’ and ‘2012’ awards. It was also considered the top Android Market business app in the UK, Canada and US and the no. 1 Android Market Top New Paid App.

Splashtop Remote Desktop was applauded for being fast, cost effective, user-friendly and reliable. It enables people to access and control apps, files, and data via their mobile devices, as well as watch HD movies and play graphics-intensive games. Direct streaming of files from another device makes for uninterrupted transfer of data, providing audio and video of high resolution. As LAPTOP Magazine puts it, “You’ll feel like your treasured media files are right in front of you.”


Currently available in more than 30 languages, TeamViewer is one of the leading solutions for desktop sharing and online collaboration over the Internet. It affords its users smooth access to files and the ability to edit documents in a distant computer using their Android phones. Transfers of files and documents between a smartphone and computer have become much easier thanks to this app.

It can also resolve computer-related problems very effectively. TeamViewer is praised for always successfully dodging firewalls, blocked ports and other obstacles in the path of connecting to a remote computer. This app has high security levels with connections being established via fully encrypted data channels. Being a mobile app means it comes with the great assets of portability and flexibility.


AirDroid lets you use and manage your Android device over the air, using only a Web browser. It is a wire-free solution that will appeal to people who wish to avoid having to frequently switch between computer and phone/tablet. Over the air you can read and reply to SMS messages, view photos and videos on your device, manage files and apps, keep your contacts organized etc — right on your desktop Web browser. It even boasts of a feature that helps you locate your lost phone.

One of the most attractive things about this app is the fact that it can be used without cables and without installing additional software on your computer. A downside is that the remote access to your phone is only limited to 1 GB to transfer files. combines instant screen sharing and meeting tools in a user-friendly app. Despite being only a viewer, it is ideal for guiding a user through troubleshooting. One of its setbacks is its sparsity of features, but even that may not be much to consider keeping in mind its provision of several basic assets e.g. internet calling, chat, viewing annotations made by others etc.
2X client RDP

This app grants seamless and secure remote desktop and application access from your Android device to any machine supporting RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). It supports all versions of Windows up to Windows 8. It boasts of unlimited connections, SSL security, minimal bandwidth usage and much more. Apart from the external mouse and keyboard that it can accommodate, 2X client RDP has a personal unique mouse with right click and full keyboard. Another boon is its capability of being used by almost any Android device.

Amanda works for the improvement of mobile tracking solution mSpy in order to provide the best app for parental control and business devices monitoring. Writes on the variety of topics concerning mobile apps and data security.

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